School Life Pt. 2: Typhoon Fung-Wong and Acnes Facewash

School Life Pt. 1

Last night it rained pretty hard because of an incoming typhoon. I’d just gotten back from a very windy and cold day at the Formosa Fun Coast waterpark on a Rotary trip. On the news there was a little box in the bottom-right corner that listed which areas of Taiwan where school and work were canceled.


The rain was continuously pouring throughout the evening. But my school was not canceled.

Looking out the window today at school, I could see so many raindrops falling near and in the distance that I imagined surface of the earth was getting pushed down by the weight of the raindrops.

All the students came to school prepared:



On another note, today in class we were all given Acnes face wash packets:


As one of my classmates said, it was more of an advertisement because there was one slim gel packet wedged inside of a paper card that was plastered in info about the product.


Back to the typhoon: The older sidewalks on the walk back home were greener than I’d remembered them being:


I bet I looked so stupid bending down and taking photos of the ground, but I could’ve sworn the sidewalk looked so much greener than before.



The temperature at school today was tolerable because of the rain so we didn’t use the AC for the first time this school year!


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