School Life Pt. 4: Teacher Appreciation Day

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Teacher’s Day was supposed to be celebrated on 9/28, but since that’s a Sunday, our school celebrated it two days earlier. After further research on Taiwan’s Teacher’s Day, I learned that 9/28 is Confucius’s birthday. Since Confucius is the most respected teacher for the Taiwanese, Teacher’s Day on 9/28 makes sense.

We were all ordered to go to the athletic field in the morning (where we have the flag raising ceremony every Tuesday morning) and we listened to a student ensemble then a teacher talked to us about why we should thank the teachers. By this time, the chatter from the crowd of 3000+ students had already swallowed up the sound of the microphone.

Most of my classmates were studying for physics:

We were ordered by the teacher with the microphone to give our teacher shade with an umbrella and some cool breeze with a fan. Our class leader held the umbrella over our teacher’s head while the vice leader fanned our teacher with a folder.

The students were then told to give our thank you card to our homeroom teachers that we’d prepared earlier in the week. Each class had a giant card for their homeroom teacher.

The photo above is badly focused because I had to take the photo really quickly. There were school policemen walking up and down throughout the giant grid of students at all times, and phones aren’t allowed during school. Here’s a better photo, but the student who presented the card had already backed away in embarrassment from showing appreciation to our teacher:

Somehow our vice leader’d brought a chair down three flights of stairs and he’d offered it to our teacher. He sat in it for a few seconds then said he preferred to stand:

The chairs in our classrooms are super tiny and you can’t slouch in them, otherwise the top of the chair back will poke you uncomfortably.

Teacher’s Day was a new experience for me because there isn’t one in America (I think??). After the ceremony in the morning, it wasn’t really mentioned in class for the rest of the day.

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