School Life Pt. 5: Ramen Day!

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On LINE last night, the boys in my class suddenly coordinated a ramen day for lunch today. We’d joked about having a ramen day after seeing a girl classmate eat ramen instead of the school lunch.

In the morning I went to 7-Eleven and tried to find the largest bowl of ramen that was selling for the cheapest.


This was NT$53 at 7-Eleven. I expected it to be much cheaper but this turned out to be high quality ramen.

90% of my classmates who brought ramen today also had the same brand.


The student in this photo wasn’t actually posing for this photo. He was daydreaming for real.


Most ramen brands in the US only have a powder packet and a dried veggie packet (cough Shin Ramyun), but this popular Taiwanese brand had a meat/sauce packet (big one), a powder packet (small one), and a spicy oil packet (transparent one).

In this photo, you can already see that I’ve made a mistake. I completely removed the top cover on the bowl. The top cover is supposed to come in handy later in the process.


Here’s my cover-less bowl of ramen waiting at the hot water machine.


There are water machines like this on every floor. No water fountains here. There are three different temperatures of water in one machine (the red, yellow, and green numbers are in Celsius).


My music textbook is taking the place of my bowl cover that I ripped off.

We arranged the desks in the back of the room to form a long cafeteria-style table. I think all of these students have paid the monthly fee for their school lunch (NT$50 per day) and they are sacrificing their money to have a ramen party. I still don’t understand my class’ thinking process.


I didn’t want my NT$50 to go to waste so I added green vegetables and more meat to my ramen.


My ramen noodles were flat and thin, which was much different from the Shin Ramyun that I eat in the US which has round noodles.


A lot of my classmates weren’t used to eating spicy food because they were all sweating a ton. In the end, we were all sniffling and praising the ramen. A few classmates who hadn’t brought ramen were swooping in to get a few spoons of the salty, spicy soup that was left over. One dumped rice into the soup and ate the rice that way.


Two classmates arrived late holding freshly made ramen bowls. They’d gotten kicked out of the student council meeting because their ramen smelled too good!!!

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