Unexpected Happiness at Yong An Market


I finally got the chance to go to a traditional market with my host mom. It wasn’t my first time going to an outdoor Asian market, so I knew it would be very crowded.

But every seller there was very very cheerful. They were yelling at the top of their lungs, advertising and selling their vegetables at the same time. Yet they were all laughing and you could see that they were all much more alive then the cashiers at Walmarts (or Carrefour).


The carrots here are gigantic compared to the ones in America. They are more triangular and extremely thick at the end.

My host mom had three or four merchants that she always goes to. One for fish, two for beef, one for clams, and a some more for vegetables. They wondered why her son suddenly got so tan. Was it the sun? She had to explain to each seller that I was an exchange student.


I was just very happily surprised that the market was so full of cheerfulness. I look forward to going there again soon.


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