School Life Pt. 7: Little Pee Scientist in Class

School Life Pt. 1School Life Pt. 2School Life Pt. 3School Life Pt. 4School Life Pt. 5School Life Pt. 6

The scientist studied the yellow vials closely, without any sign of fear whatsoever.

Other students saw that there was nothing scary about the yellow vials and they gathered around.

The urine test is something that we don’t have in American schools.

I was shocked at first because I’d never seen urine in a classroom, let alone being handled by students. However, students here are put in charge of a lot more things than students in America are. InTaiwan, students grade each other’s tests, collect homework from the entire class, clean the classrooms, carry the lunch food to the classrooms, and a lot more. I think this is a very efficient schooling model. Things get done a lot quicker this way.

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