Intro to Lactaid


Since the second semester of my senior year of high school, I have been lactose intolerant. I might’ve been lactose intolerant a bit earlier than that, but I was “diagnosed” earlier this year after I went to my local hospital for a test. I’d been getting an upset stomach nearly every day.


The test was very painful. I had to fast for 8-12 hours before the test, then the actual test was 4 hours, during which I drank a cup of pure lactose (with orange flavor…ew!) and then blew into a tube every 15 minutes. I wasn’t allowed to eat anything during this test. I’d planned on doing homework during the exam, but I was so hungry that all I could do was find iPhone games, play them for a few minutes, then delete them because I couldn’t find them entertaining.


Now, whenever I want to eat something that has milk in it, I have to take a Lactaid pill along with the first bite of my dairy-food, and if I eat the dairy-food for more than 30 minutes, I should take another pill. Sometimes I just take two at once if I feel like the product contains a lot of milk:


I carry at least 3-4 Lactaid pills in my wallet at all times, and my school backpack has 40-50 pills. They are individually wrapped, and I try to take a photo of the pill stuck inside my food.

The pills are chewable and taste like nothing.


I use Lactaid pills only when I’m eating a dessert. I’ve never used a pill for drinking milk because I can drink soy milk instead, and I’m not sure one or two pills would be enough for a glass of pure milk.

I’ll keep ya’ll updated on the Lactaid pills as I get more photos.