Day 1: Champaign, Illinois to Kansas City, Missouri.

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Our first day on the road…

We left the house around 7:40, 40 minutes later than we’d planned, because packing the car, making breakfast for the road, and saying goodbye to our cat, Tiger, was difficult.


Tiger peeking out the door one last time at us



Almond butter and strawberry jam (both homemade) and wheat germ sandwiches.


The trunk was completely full. We utilized our leg room as well.

For lunch we stopped at Columbia, Missouri, for lunch. It is a college town, just a little bigger than Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. The most notable university there is Mizzou (University of Missouri). We stopped for the highly ranked Korean BBQ restaurant Kui BBQ.


Streets of downtown Columbia.




Downtown Columbia was great because most of the shops on the street were local, non-chain stores. Almost every store had its own chalkboard sign propped on the sidewalk.




Many shoes and clothes were out on sale.


Called Seafood Dynamite Soup, it was really spicy!


A small Sweet Potato Chocolate Cake


After lunch we rushed to our old friend’s house in Lee’s Summit, a small town outside of Kansas City. The friend, Franklin, moved away from Champaign at least five years ago so we were excited to meet him again.


Franklin is the first spot tennis player in his high school.











After having dinner at Franklin’s house, we went with him and his parents to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. The museum was closed when we got there at 7:00 pm, but we could still walk through the sculpture garden.


Claes Oldenburg , American , b. 1929 , b. Sweden Coosje van Bruggen , American , 1942-2009 , b. The Netherlands Fabricator: Merrifield-Roberts, Inc. , American Shuttlecocks, 1994


Auguste Rodin , French , 1840-1917 Fabricator: Alexis Rudier The Thinker, 1880; probably cast ca. 1949



My Dad fitting in pretty well…

We had a miscommunication with our hotel. It turns out we booked the hotel for June 26, not July 26. Luckily my Mom was quick in reserving a spot at Econo Lodge in Lawrence, Kansas. It was the first motel that I’ve remembered staying in.