New Small Californian town: Morro Bay

My family seems to be attracted to small towns no matter where we go, perhaps because we’re from a Midwestern college town in Champaign, Illinois.  We’ve visited two small Californian towns twice each already, and we just tried out another town: Morro Bay.


Morro Bay is a seaside town with a population of 10,000. This is the view from our motel.

Evenings and mornings were chilly. Bayfront Inn was great; they gave us free fish n’ chips coupons and cinnamon roll coupons for local businesses (we only stayed in Morro Bay for about 14 hours so we didn’t have time to use the coupons). The inn also left us complimentary salt water taffy from a local store, Capri Sun pouches, and water bottles.



Every restaurant in Morro Bay advertised fish n’ chips, but I still got a barbecue sandwich. Really big portions!

The coolest time to walk around Morro Bay is in the morning, because of all the fog. There was thick fog that didn’t quite reach ground level. The giant rock in the first photo in this post was completely obscured by the fog.



The dock above smelled horribly of fish and just of the sea. There were pigeons as well as seagulls, and I’d never seen pigeons in a seaside town.